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Clareville Capital


Hedge Fund Manager, 2004 - 2007

Paul managed a segregated investment book within the main Pegasus fund with a broad investment remit within Europe and UK. Paul's investments returned over $65m for the fund with a compound gross annual return of 16.2% which outperformed the Tremont Hedge Fund Index by over 3%.

The capital allocated to this strategy gradually increased from $50m to $250m with a maximum exposure of $500m culminating in sole responsibility for European investments equating to 33% of the Pegasus fund.


Year PD performance Tremont
2004 7.1% 9.6%
2005 13.1% 8.0%
2006 24.8% 11.2%
2007 7.8% 13.3%
Inception 63.0% 49.1%
Compound 16.2% 13.1%

Other Achievements

  • Implemented Beauchamp P&L and risk system for all funds based upon my personally developed system
  • Implemented system to monitor return on capital by fund manager and book
  • Implemented system to hedge FX exposures arising from P&L created in foreigncurrency
  • Designed and implemented automatic portfolio re-weight system of the whole portfolio by fund and book based upon capital allocation and desired leverage
  • Developed and built proprietary P&L and risk system
  • Developed and built Excel automated company modeling program